2013 RVA Hackathon

2nd Annual / June 22, 2013

2013 RVA Hackathon

2nd Annual / June 22, 2013

Attendee Information

Here are some overall rules and info about how RVA Hackathon works. If you have any questions, email us at hackathon@mobelux.com, post on the Facebook event page, or tweet @RVAHackathon, and we'll try to answer it ASAP.

When & Where_


  • 7 AM Registration & Breakfast. Arrive, choose your workspace, find your team, snack and fuel up on coffee. Await the kickoff.
  • 8 AM Event Kickoff!
  • 12 PM Lunch. Boxed-lunch will arrive, take a break to snack in the break room, or eat at your desk and keep going.
  • 1:30 PM Red Bull Wings Team arrives.
  • 3-4 PM Lamplighter Coffee Bar Setup.
  • 6 PM Pizza.
  • 8 PM Work Ends. Finish your projects, figure out where to store your code and how to present it to the masses.
  • 9 PM Presentations & Judging. Present your project to the group and judging panel. If you've got a project you've been working on for a while, highlight which pieces you did during the Hackathon.
  • 10 PM Awards Ceremony. Our judges will award the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place custom-made trophies designed by Mobelux and produced by Big Secret, as well as account prizes from GitHub.


Black Iris. Black Iris has graciously allowed us to use their beautiful space for RVA Hackathon. We are restricting access to just the public areas; the Gallery for working, bathrooms (self-explainatory) and bar will serve as the food service area. Please respect their space and help us keep it clean. If there's an issue with something, please let a Mobelux employee know.

Parking. There is plenty of street parking around Black Iris — 321 W. Broad St. Being a Saturday, any non-metered spot has no restrictions.

Black Iris Map

Black Iris
321 West Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia 23220



Badges. You'll be given a badge when you register. Please keep it on your person at all times when you're in the facility. It helps people know who you are and lets us know that you're an attendee.

Presentations. Presentations should only be 2 to 3 minutes long. We will totally play the "wrap it up" music on you. All web projects must be hosted externally (on Heroku, Rackspace, etc) or we won't be able to show your app. It would simply take too long to hook up / unhook all those laptops. iOS projects can be shown by plugging right into the projector if you'd like.

If you have slides you must get them to the designated folder provided by 6 PM on Saturday (more on that during the event.)


Snacks. There will be coffee, water, soda, Red Bull, cookies, fruit and other snacks provided throughout the event in the kitchen.

Breakfast. There will be bagels, fruit and coffee available starting at 7 AM. If you want/need something more extensive, please eat beforehand.

Lunch. The Citizen will deliver boxed lunches around 12pm noon. You can take a break and take your lunch to the break room, or outside, or you can eat at your desk. There will be vegetarian & GF options, please choose these if you meet this criteria.

Pizza. There will be a pizza break at 6pm to push us through the night.

Dietary Restrictions. Please respond with any dietary restrictions/preferences that you may have. We will attempt to accommodate as well as we can. Having accurate numbers on vegetarian and Gluten Free lunches will be a huge help.


Guests. There are no non-registered guests allowed at RVA Hackathon.

Noise. Being an open/collaborative environment, there will be some noise from talking/collaborating, but we ask that you keep it to an acceptable level for the benefit of all. If something requires extensive talking or other potentially distracting sound, we may ask you to take it outside, or to the break room. Please wear headphones for your own music/sound needs.

Policy on Networking, Recruiting, Etc. RVA Hackathon is an event for developers and designers to make things. It is not a networking opportunity, a place to recruit talent or a way to find a team to work on your idea. Please do not sign up with any of these intentions.

Need Help? If you have any questions or need help during the Hackathon, grab a Mobelux employee (we should be easy to find).

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